Benefits of Membership

The longevity of IEPNJ speaks to its success.  Since its inception, IEPNJ has effectively represented its members in every major issue related to the industry.  IEPNJ membership offers a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Strength in Numbers: The collective strength of IEPNJ as a group helps better position the industry with respect to matters that impact costs, operations, revenues, and business issues.
  • Unified Voice: The presentation of a unified and coherent voice has proven to be a highly effective tool as it avoids the complexities and challenges of addressing issues independently. We work to promote the views of the organization based on collaborative discussions and shared agendas among the members.
  • Refined Advocacy: IEPNJ serves as a conduit to interface with various state agencies on important energy matters. This includes proactive participation in legislative hearings, regulatory proceedings, and face-to-face meetings with state policymakers.  We are “at the table” for all major issues including energy, air, water, environmental, or other initiatives.
  • Asset Protection: IEPNJ promotes market competition to help protect and foster a competitive and balanced marketplace.  The organization has proven to be highly effective in helping protect and enhance the position of generators while balancing the concerns of the retail marketplace.
  • Effective Leadership: IEPNJ’s leadership has unique expertise and insights having been directly involved in the changing energy landscape over time.
  • Market Monitoring: Members receive timely alerts about issues and events that affect power generators in the state, including insights on evolving trends and market dynamics.