Adam Kaufman

Adam Kaufman

Adam Kaufman brings over 25 years of professional public affairs leadership and success to the Kaufman Zita Group (KZG), the firm he co-founded with partner Patrizia “Trish” Zita in 2007.

Over the past several years, Mr. Kaufman has been ranked among the 100 most powerful political players in “PolitickerNJ’s Annual Power List”, a list of the most powerful and politically influential non-elected officials in New Jersey.

In their publication, the editors of PolitickerNJ described how Mr. Kaufman and his partner have “carved out one of the most successful lobbying firms in the state.”

In the energy sector, Mr. Kaufman has a proven track record of providing expert guidance and representation to the IEPNJ trade association, serving as its Executive Director for the past 25 years. 

In that time, he has substantially participated in every significant energy policy and regulatory initiative in New Jersey that impacts the wholesale power generation industry.  These efforts have helped facilitate a more stable marketplace, while maintaining the principles of market competition. 

In his time as Executive Director, Mr. Kaufman has created a distinct identity and effective political program for an industry that had historically been unrecognized in governmental and political circles.

In the intervening years, IEPNJ has fostered key relationships with the Governor’s Office, New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, key legislative leaders, policy makers, and environmental/energy thought leaders. 

Through past positions in state government, Mr. Kaufman has gained refined insights into the intricacies of government and has the proven ability to cultivate forward-thinking solutions to challenging issues.  

As a result of this sustained and consistent outreach, IEPNJ is now a recognized leader in the power industry and a trusted voice in the Statehouse.

Prior to establishing KZG, in 1990, Mr. Kaufman was named Chief of Staff to the Speaker of the New Jersey General Assembly, The Honorable Joseph V. Doria, Jr., where he managed the Office of the Speaker and served as a senior advisor to the Assembly Democratic leadership on legislative and policy issues, media relations, and politics.

In 1992, he returned to his career as a professional government affairs advocate and has been making a difference for his clients ever since.

Prior to his service in government, Mr. Kaufman began his career as Director of Government Relations at the 5,000 member New Jersey Dental Association.

During his six-year tenure, he served as the principal legislative, regulatory, and political analyst and created political education and fund-raising programs that achieved national acclaim.