IEPNJ Leadership

IEPNJ’s leadership team has successfully been in place for over 20 years.  Adam Kaufman serves as the Executive Director. 

Mr. Kaufman and his firm, Kaufman-Zita Group, provide overall management of the organization and also engage in discussions with the New Jersey Legislature and Governor’s office as significant energy issues emerge. 

Gabel Associates, headed by President Steven Gabel who has over 35 years of energy experience, is the lead consultant to the group and provides comprehensive policy and technical analysis.  The firm also maintains active dialogue with various State agencies to ensure that the voice of the industry is heard.

Together, Kaufman-Zita Group and Gabel Associates bring a unique skill set that serves to protect the industry.  The key contributors to IEPNJ from each firm are summarized below:

Kaufman Zita Group

Adam Kaufman

Executive Director

Adam Kaufman has served as the Executive Director of IEPNJ since 1992.  Mr. Kaufman brings over 25 years of professional public affairs leadership and success to the Kaufman Zita Group (KZG), the firm he co-founded with partner Patrizia “Trish” Zita in 2007.

Over the past several years, Mr. Kaufman has been ranked among the 100 most powerful political players in “PolitickerNJ’s Annual Power List”, a list of the most powerful and politically influential non-elected officials in New Jersey.

In their publication, the editors of PolitickerNJ described how Mr. Kaufman and his partner have “carved out one of the most successful lobbying firms in the state.”

Elizabeth Ortiz

Finance & Administrative Manager

Elizabeth Ortiz runs the day-to-day operations of the Kaufman Zita Group and is also the administrative lead for IEPNJ.

As part of her role for IEPNJ, she manages key organizational functions including communication with members, budget issues, meeting facilitation and document distribution.

Ms. Ortiz has over 20 years of administration and governmental experience.

At Kaufman Zita Group, she is responsible for coordinating support staff, purchasing, payroll and accounting.

Prior to this role, Liz served as manager of administration at another NJ-based government affairs firm.

Vincent LeGrand

Legislative Associate

Vincent LeGrand is a Legislative Associate at Kaufman Zita Group. 

Mr. LeGrand provides legislative support, research, comprehensive bill tracking, and monitors media coverage for IEPNJ.

Gabel Associates

Steven Gabel


Steven Gabel, President and Founder of Gabel Associates, has over 35 years of experience in assisting clients with commercial and policy issues in the energy and environmental industries.

Mr. Gabel started the firm in 1993 with the goal of providing a wide range of economic, technical, regulatory, and marketplace advice and analysis.

Holly Reed

Vice President

Holly Reed, Vice President of Gabel Associates, has over 14 years of experience in supporting energy transactions in the wholesale, retail, and renewable energy sectors. 

Greg Tyson

Vice President

Greg Tyson, Vice President of Gabel Associates, has over 17 years of energy modeling and forecasting experience. 

Mr. Tyson assists clients with analysis of wholesale and retail power market issues and implementation of business ventures in the energy industry, primarily supporting renewable energy, energy efficiency, and traditional energy projects.

He is also extremely adept in conducting advanced energy price forecasting and modeling for wholesale and retail power markets. 

Michael Borgatti

Vice President of RTO Services & Regulatory Affairs

Michael Borgatti, Vice President of RTO Services and Regulatory Affairs, has over 10 years of experience in energy and policy related issues.

He is the firm’s principal representative addressing the operations, procedures, and markets of regional transmission organizations (RTO). RTOs serve as the foundation of competitive wholesale electricity markets in the United States.