IEPNJ actively advances its members’ interests, striving to assure that energy, environmental and tax policies in New Jersey and the region continue to encourage the development and operation of a competitive, stable power generation industry.

Since its founding in 1992, IEPNJ has accomplished much in these areas to help enhance the position of generators in the state.  IEPNJ has achieved a wide range of accomplishments, including the following:

Protection of Payments to NUGs

IEPNJ protected NUG payments reviewed by the BPU in rate cases. Between 1999 and 2003, the State’s electric public utilities were prohibited by the Electric Discount and Competition Act (EDECA) from passing on any costs of purchasing power that exceeded those frozen rates. In 2002, each utility filed a rate case petition to recover those

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Support for NUGs Who Are Awarded Load in NJ’s BGS Auction

IEPNJ negotiated contract changes to protect NUGs who “win” New Jersey’s BGS Auction. Non-utility generators (NUGs) or their affiliates are among the bidders in New Jersey’s Basic Generation Service (BGS) auction, by which electric utilities procure the power they need to serve their default customers, i.e., BGS customers). IEPNJ negotiated changes to the BGS contract

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Prevention of a Rate Increase Associated With Standby Service

IEPNJ prevented a significant rate increase for power plant owners and on-site generators who purchase standby service from PSE&G. In its 2002-2003 base rate case, PSE&G proposed to eliminate existing rate provisions for Standby Service for on-site generation that would have significantly increased costs to some customers with on-site generation. As a result of IEPNJ

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Lowering Costs for On-Site Generation

IEPNJ negotiated changes in proposed utility rates that would have significantly increased costs to IEPNJ members who generate power on-site. In a 2002 Basic Generation Service (BGS) filing, one of New Jersey’s electric utilities proposed to significantly increase charges to large commercial and industrial customers who supply most of their own power from on-site sources.

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Tax Incentives for Water Recycling Equipment

IEPNJ developed greywater legislation to provide tax incentives for power producers who install water recycling equipment. New Jersey is the first and only state in the country to enact legislation that provides tax incentives for the installation of greywater technology. Two new laws, which were initiated by IEPNJ and signed into law in 2002, provide

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Rewarding Environmentally-Efficient Power Plants

IEPNJ developed an air emissions program that rewards environmentally-efficient power plants. Under federal Clean Air Act amendments, New Jersey was required to reduce its emissions of nitrogen oxide, or NOx, by 75% by 2003. Each state is responsible for finding a way to meet this federal mandate. In New Jersey, IEPNJ led the effort to

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