IEPNJ actively advances its members’ interests, striving to assure that energy, environmental and tax policies in New Jersey and the region continue to encourage the development and operation of a competitive, stable power generation industry.

Since its founding in 1992, IEPNJ has accomplished much in these areas to help enhance the position of generators in the state.  IEPNJ has achieved a wide range of accomplishments, including the following:

RGGI Development and the Issue of Leakage

IEPNJ participated in the development of RGGI. In December 2005, the Governors of seven northeastern states signed a memorandum of understanding to implement a CO2 cap and trade program for power generators to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. IEPNJ worked to have the states focus on the issue of “leakage” and fair auction rules. Leakage would

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Development of the Global Warming Response Act

IEPNJ had active Involvement in the development of the Global Warming Response Act. On July 6, 2007, Governor Corzine signed the Global Warming Response Act into law. This Act establishes a greenhouse gas reduction program with the objective of limiting greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by the year 2020, and by 80% below 2006

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Air Toxics Tax Repealed

IEPNJ successfully fought to eliminate an expansive new air toxics tax on New Jersey’s power plant owners. In June 2004, New Jersey enacted a new law that imposed a surcharge on industrial facilities, including power plants, that release a wide range of air toxics. Surcharge liability was capped at $500,000 per facility per year. Due

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Reduced DEP Barriers Related to Simple-Cycle Plant Development

IEPNJ reduced DEP barriers to development of simple-cycle plants. DEP proposed changes to the State of the Art (SOTA) manual for combustion turbines that would have eliminated simple-cycle generating facilities from the SOTA manuals entirely, thus making it more difficult to secure regulatory approval for the development of such facilities in New Jersey. An early

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Protection of Long Term Power Purchase Agreements

IEPNJ successfully fought to include provisions in New Jersey’s energy competition law that protect the terms of long-term power purchase agreements. As a result of IEPNJ’s work, New Jersey is the ONLY state in the nation in which existing power purchase agreements between utilities and power producers are expressly protected under federal and state law.

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Utilities/Power Producers Contract Renegotiation

IEPNJ ensured that New Jersey’s energy competition law encourages utilities and power producers to renegotiate long-term contracts that establish significant savings for utilities and their customers. IEPNJ fought to include in Electric Discount and Energy Competition Act (EDECA) provisions that promote the voluntary renegotiation of contracts. As a result, EDECA assures that utilities are not

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