IEPNJ actively advances its members’ interests, striving to assure that energy, environmental and tax policies in New Jersey and the region continue to encourage the development and operation of a competitive, stable power generation industry.

Since its founding in 1992, IEPNJ has accomplished much in these areas to help enhance the position of generators in the state.  IEPNJ has achieved a wide range of accomplishments, including the following:

Protecting the Competitive Structure of the BGS Auction

IEPNJ successfully protected the three-year competitive structure of the BGS Auction. On November 22, 2013, the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU) issued its 2014 Basic Generation Service (BGS) Order. Accepting IEPNJ’s position, the BPU rejected proposals that would have changed the BGS structure to increase supplier risk. IEPNJ testified its support for the

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Ensuring Reasonable Credit Requirements for BGS Suppliers

IEPNJ participated in the 2013-2014 BGS Auction proceeding to ensure reasonable credit requirements for BGS suppliers. IEPNJ participated in the 2013-2014 BGS Auction process to help develop and promote fair and reasonable credit requirements for BGS suppliers that are more aligned with actual market exposure and risk.

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Protecting Existing BGS Contracts From Increased Solar RPS Requirements

The IEPNJ successfully advocated for provisions to shield existing BGS contracts from increased solar RPS requirements in the 2012 Solar Law. On July 23, 2012, S1925 was signed into law by Governor Christie. This law significantly increased the solar renewable portfolio standard (RPS) requirements and was intended to help combat the significant oversupply of solar renewable

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Statutory Change That Prohibits Utilities From Charging SBC

The IEPNJ successfully advocated for a statutory change that prohibits natural gas utilities from charging the Societal Benefits Charge and other surcharges to wholesale power generators who purchase natural gas. IEPNJ led the effort with the New Jersey legislature and Executive Branch to eliminate the Societal Benefit Charge (SBC) and other charges that were charged

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Rate Discounts For Natural Gas

The IEPNJ improved the regulatory process for generators to obtain rate discounts for natural gas. IEPNJ successfully facilitated the ability of generators to achieve rate discounts on natural gas through its participation in a generic proceeding at the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU) related to gas transportation discounts. The proceeding focused on natural

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Solar Energy Advancement and Fair Competition Act

The IEPNJ was actively involved in the development and negotiations surrounding the Solar Energy Advancement and Fair Competition Act to protect suppliers from unanticipated increases in RPS solar requirements. The Solar Energy Advancement and Fair Competition Act was signed into law in January 2010 by Governor Corzine. This law provides statutory support for many of

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